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The Lost Code - Kevin Emerson You know it doesn't bode well for a book when I make the comment halfway through, "Having a hard time not putting this in my "abandoned" shelf. Horrible dialogue, no likable characters." Sadly, the characters did not improve, the dialogue was terrible, and the premise, while interesting, fell extremely short of the mark.

Owen Parker won a lottery to attend a summer camp in one of the domed cities of the post-apocalypical United States. Our environment is ruined, and the rich can buy their way into living in one of the domes. Fifteen-year-old Owen was possibly the worst part of this book. His inner dialogue was more fitting for an 10-year-old, not someone who is 15. Seriously, dude, you almost drown, you discover a huge secret about yourself, and you find yourself wondering if you are in love with a girl who nearly let you die? Who you have talked to once? Geesh. Get out of here.

The bad guys were bad, the good guys were good, and the simplicity of those lines kept me from caring overly much. I won't be reading book 2. We gave it a good try, but it just didn't work out.