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Through the Ever Night

Through the Ever Night - Veronica Rossi Rarely do you find that book 2 in a trilogy is stronger than book 1, but that's what happens here.

We pick up a few months after Under the Never Sky ends, and finally the author gives me some answers about the Aether storms. I'm not sure if she didn't have an explanation in book 1 or not, but those are the kind of details that I want. The world building was somewhat better in this book, and I liked Perry and Aria more as well. They were better fleshed out characters this time around and there was more action rather than just walking from place to place as they did in book 1.

Perry is now Blood Lord of the Tides, and Aria is recovering from the shock of her mother's death. They reunite and continue to search for the Still Blue--their only hope for safety in their deteriorating world. Perry makes mistakes, as any young leader would. Aria makes a mature decision to work with Soren for the greater good. And Perry and Aria get a taste for the obstacles they will need to overcome to make their relationship work. Also, more Roar, Reef, Marron and Cinder. All good things.

Looking forward to reading the conclusion in book 3.