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Amethyst - Lauren Royal, Mirella Banfi Amethyst is the first book in Lauren Royal's Jewel Trilogy. One of the things I enjoy about her books is the clever way she weaves the plot around historical events and people in early English history. Amethyst is set during the Great London Fire of 1666, and she does a nice job allowing that catastrophic event to drive her plot and her main characters together. Amy Goldsmith and Colin Chase first meet when he enters her family's jewelry shop to purchase a gift for his sister, and that chance meeting sets the rest of the book in motion. The details of the time are so well-written that I can forgive the cheesy dialogue and eye-rolling decisions from both Colin and Amy as they find their "happily ever after". Fans of historical romance should first read the Jewel Trilogy, then read her Flower Trilogy, set a bit in the future and cleverly ties in these characters as well.