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The House at Sea's End - Elly Griffiths I don't know why I keep reading these books. They make me so mad. I guess my love of archaeology, mysteries, and Cathbad outweigh my frustrations with Ruth and Nelson, who I equally want to box upside the head, but for different reasons.

This mystery was set in the more recent past than the first two books, but followed much of the same formula. A murder in the past, Ruth called in to assist with the bone identification (forensic archaeology has to be one of the coolest jobs), Nelson running around being a big bore while Ruth drowns in self doubt and loathing. Then Ruth is in danger, naturally, and the crime is solved.

None of the characters, save Cathbad and Irish Ted, are particularly likable, and the rampant infidelity at every turn is grinding on my last nerve. Seriously, people, grow up and think about how your actions impact others. All of you. Now. I'm giving you one last chance in book 4.