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Two Mrs. Abbotts (Miss Buncle)

The Two Mrs. Abbotts - D.E. Stevenson We return to the world of Barbara Buncle, now the happily married Mrs. Abbott #1, and Jerry, who married a cousin to Barbara's husband (Mrs. Abbott #2). World War II is going on, Jerry's husband Sam is off fighting, and Barbara and Jerry are up to their usual adventures. Really more about Jerry than Barbara this time around, we get a glimpse of everyday life at home during the war. We finally see more about Archie Chevis-Cobb, Jerry's brother, as he keeps the farm going to support the boys on the front.

I really like these cute books, and I'm sad that I have reached the end. I understand Barbara and Jerry are a brief part of [b:The Four Graces|2426675|The Four Graces|D.E. Stevenson|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1296412183s/2426675.jpg|2433862], and I will be hunting down that one next. Fun little series, and worth the read.