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I Will Not Live an Unlived Life: Reclaiming Passion and Purpose

I Will Not Live an Unlived Life: Reclaiming Passion and Purpose - Dawna Markova "It is not the events in our lives that determine who we become, but the meaning we choose to place on those events." - Victor Frankl

I have read this book three times, and I always walk away both centered and inspired. One woman's simple exploration of what her life means, Markova experiences it all; trials, joys, the bitter with the sweet, and shares her journey to living a life of passion and purpose. I found it inspiring and, in a weird way, calming. It was a reminder that I can have exactly what I want out of life, and to slow down and appreciate what I have.

She designs an acronym for LIVE to guide her when she is at a crossroads in life:
L: What do I love?
I: What are my inner gifts and talents?
V: What do I value?
E: What are the environments that bring out the best in me?
In doing so, she stays true to her personal path. Part self-help, part memoir, Markova lays her soul bare for the reader, and reminds you to look at the good and move towards the life you want.