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This World We Live In

This World We Live In - Susan Beth Pfeffer More post-apocolyptic goodness. Start stocking up your pantry! These books will trigger the prepper hiding inside of you.

In book 3 of the series, we return to life with Miranda and her family. The world has not recovered from the disasters triggered from the asteroid colliding with the moon, knocking it towards Earth. Miranda has matured in this book. We continue to see her life through her journal entries, and it gives a unique perspective on the happenings and allows us to guess at people's true motives as she does.

It's interesting to think how we would survive if disaster strikes. The Evans family fares better than most because they were resourceful and their mother was prepared and had the foresight to anticipate how long it could take for society to recover. Others didn't adapt, and died. It is an interesting take on survival of the fittest.